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About Fort View Restaurant

A family restaurant, which serves authentic Pakistani cuisine while you're enjoying beautiful view of fort and Lahore’s weather on building’s top.

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#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Corn Soup (Half)295
2Chicken Corn Soup (Full)550
3Fort View Special Soup (Half)350
4Fort View Special Soup (Full)650
5Hot n Sour Soup (Half)295
6Hot n Sour Soup (Full)550
7Thai Soup (Half)285
8Thai Soup (Full)530
9Fish Cracker 150
10Honey Wings395
11Hot Wings Bar B.Q 360
#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Almond 450
2Chicken Biryani 300
3Chicken Chilli Dry440
4Chicken Fried Rice 300
5Chicken Manchurian 395
6Chicken Shashlik 385
7 Chicken Vegetable 360
8Egg Fried Rice 280
9Masala Rice325
10Vegetable Rice 260
11White Rice 175
12Beef Kabab 340
13 Beef Mughlai Kabab 380
14Chicken Afghani Boti 495
15Chicken Boti 395
16Chicken Cheese Boti Boneless600
17Chicken Chop 480
18Chicken Gola Kabab510
19Chicken Kabab425
20Chicken Kandhari Kabab 480
21Chicken Malai Boti Boneless 495
22Chicken Mughlai Kabab 500
23Chicken Shish Tauk Boti Boneless 550
24Chicken Tikka 220
25Fort-View Special Chicken Kabab 600
26Fort-View Special Mutton Kabab 875
27Mutton Kabab 670
28Rajistani Tikka 410
29Reshmi Kabab 550
30Special Mutton Chop 720
31Stuffed Chicken BBQ 300
32Whole Chicken BBQ 770
33Chicken Balti (Full)990
34Chicken Ginger (Full)650
35Chicken Hari-Mirch (Full)560
36Chicken Jalfrezi (Full)650
37Chicken Kabab Masala (Full)520
38Mughlai Taka Tak (Full)795
39Mughlai Tawa Chicken Piece (Full) 280
40Murgh Musallam (Full) 1095
41Mutton Balti (Full) 1620
42Mutton Brain Masala (Full)550
43 Mutton Chop Masala (Full)695
44Mutton Gurda Kapoora (Full)560
45Mutton Kabab Masala (Full)750
46Mutton Leg Roast 1895
47Mutton Tawa Qeema 750
48Special Mutton Multani Chop (Full)895
49Special Taka Tak 690
50Chicken Achari Handi (Half)440
51Chicken Hyderabadi Handi (Half)450
52Chicken Achari Handi (Full)840
53Chicken Hyderabadi Handi (Full)850
54 Chicken Karahi (Half)400
55 Chicken Karahi (Full)750
56Chicken Karahi in Desi Ghee (Half) 450
57Chicken Karahi in Desi Ghee (Full)850
58Chicken Madrasi Handi (Half)440
59Chicken Madrasi Handi (Full)840
60Chicken Makhni (Half)450
61Chicken Makhni (Full)850
62Chicken Rajistani Handi (Half)450
63Chicken Rajistani Handi (Full)850
64Fort View Special Chicken Handi (Half)460
65Fort View Special Chicken Handi (Full)880
66Mutton Badami Handi (Half)730
67Mutton Badami Handi (Full)1440
68Mutton Handi (Half)720
69Mutton Handi (Full)1400
70Mutton Karahi (Half)630
71Mutton Karahi (Full)1200
72Mutton Karahi in Desi Ghee (Half)680
73Mutton Karahi in Desi Ghee (Full)1300
74Shahanshahi Lazzat Chicken Karahi (Half)690
75Shahanshahi Lazzat Chicken Karahi (Full)1295
76Shahanshahi Lazzat Mutton Karahi (Half)1020
77Shahanshahi Lazzat Mutton Karahi (Full)1895
78Shahanshahi Special Chicken Handi (Half)575
79Shahanshahi Special Chicken Handi (Full)1095
80Special Mughlai Chicken Handi (Half)450
81Special Mughlai Chicken Handi (Full)850
#Name in MenuPrice
1Plain Yougurt 80
3Chicken Apple Salad 210
4Chicken Pineapple Salad 240
5 Fresh Green Salad70
6Kachumar Salad 100
7Russian Salad 200
8French Fries 120
#Name in MenuPrice
1Firni (Thoothi - Pair) 70
2Gajjar Halwa (Seasonal)140
3Gola Ganda 120
4Kulfi 70
5Patha Halwa (Seasonal)140
6Rasmalai 70
#Name in MenuPrice
1Cappuccino 150
2English Tea 110
3Green Tea 90
4Lemonade 120
5Mint Margarita 140
6Mix Tea 90
7Fresh Lime 70
8Soft Drinks 40


View from the restaurant
View from the restaurant


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