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About Gon Pacci

Gon Pacci is a contemporary classic café- our food is about fusion, of technique, cuisines and ingredients. Made with skill and heart, each and every entrée on our menu is a treat on its own. Our chefs produce each dish with great attention to detail, taste and presentation. You can enjoy everything from a fulfilling breakfast to a quick sandwich, hearty burger, pizza or elaborate pasta’s and seafood specials among other main entrees, bearing in mind to keep room for our luscious ... Read More

Ramazan Offers & Menu

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#Name in MenuPrice
1Greek Salad395
2Seafood Chowder425
3Red Hot And Sour345
4Cream Of Chicken/ Mushroom345
6Crispy Chicken Wings395
7Seasonal Carpaccio (Limited)295
#Name in MenuPrice
1Parmesan Chicken645
2Chicken Steak695
3Grilled Chicken With Lemon Chili Sauce785
4Moroccan Style Chicken765
5Tarragon Chicken685
6Mongolian Chicken695
7Giallo Chicken725
8Peruvian Chicken 695
9Roasted Chicken Platter785
10Chicken Cordon Bleu895
11Cajun Chicken With Fettuccine725
12Grilled Chicken With Mushroom Risotto835
13Grilled Lobster900


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