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About Red Emperor

Red Emperor – China Bistro Karachi opened on 16th May 2013 and is proud to introduce to the Karachi’ites, (for the first time), a unique Chinese experience - “ Hakka Chinese”, different from the already popular cuisine being offered locally. Red Emperor is a modern-day contemporary Chinese restaurant that ensures spacious and uncluttered dining floor space, and is located in the heart of Clifton. The ambiance distinctly fuses modern ... Read More

Ramazan Offers & Menu

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#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Wonton480
2Steamed Dumplings495
3Som Tam Papaya Salad425
4Spicy Chicken & Cashew Nuts Salad425
5Vegetable Tofu Soup490
6Chicken Schezwan Soup490
7Butterfly Prawns640
8Chicken Drumsticks595
9Chicken Wings530
10Prawn Katsu795
11Salt & Pepper Calamari680
12Spring Rolls395
13Thai Beef Salad425
14Red Emperor’s Hot Pot1270
15Thai Soup490
16Hot & Sour Soup (Red or White)490
17Creamy Coconut Soup (Prawn / Chicken)585
18Chicken Corn Soup490
19Wonton Soup490
#Name in MenuPrice
1Sizzling Sichuan Chicken645
2Beef Teriyaki675
3Sizzling Prawn Manchurian695
4American Chopsuey525
5Cherry Chilli Chicken645
6Chicken Teriyaki695
7Chicken Shogayaki695
8Chicken Katsu710
9Chicken Bulgoki645
10Chicken Chowmein465
11Chicken Fried Rice435
12Chicken Manchurian625
13Chicken Pad Thai695
14Chicken Yakotiri in Red Sauce625
15Hot & Spicy Chicken625
16Kung Pao Chicken645
17Mongolian Chicken625
18Orange Peel Chicken625
19Sizzling Chicken Manchurian625
20Stir Fry Mushroom Chicken with Mushroom Sauce645
21Beef Bulgoki735
22Dry Beef Chilli675
23Green Curry Beef745
24Grilled Beef with Hot Chili Sauce665
25Mangolian Beef675
26Sichuan Beef675
27Sizzling Sichuan Beef675
28Chilli Honey & Garlic Prawn725
29Crispy Lemon Prawn695
30Kung Pao Prawns745
31Lemon Grass Prawns695
32Orange Prawn695
33Prawn Chilli Dry695
34Prawn in Lemon, Garlic & Chilli Sauce695
35Prawn In Red Sauce with Basil695
36Prawn in Tamarind Sauce695
37Prawn Teriyaki695
38Sizzling Sichuan Prawn695
39Cantonese Fish680
40Fish in Tamarind & Chili Sauce680
41Fish Teriyaki755
42Fried Crabs855
43Sichuan Fish680
44Flavoured Mutton Chops980
45Chinese Chopsuey525
47Singaporean Rice525
#Name in MenuPrice
1Ice Cream130


Hina Asif
Good Enough

Red emperor is very nice restaurant when u want to have Chinese food. Their katsu chicken is great very yummy and it is served with mustard sauce which makes it more delicious. They can improve the ambiance!

July 12, 2015, 4:38 pm - Like

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