Street 5, E-11/1  
Islamabad, Islamabad.
12:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Coffee, Dinner, Lunch

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#Name in MenuPrice
1Chicken Spring Roll300
2Fried Chicken Wings290
3Dhaka Chicken400
4Finger Fish500
5Singapori Chicken380
6Prawn Crackers180
7Honey Chicken Wings300
8Fried Wonton with Wonton Sauce300
9Chicken Noodle Soup450
10Shrimp Noodle Soup500
11Prawn Noodle Soup480
12Sichuan Soup400
13Hot n Sour Soup380
14Chicken Thai Soup300
15Chicken Almond Soup420
16Chicken Mushroom Soup400
17Chicken Vegetable Soup350
18Cream of Chicken Soup430
#Name in MenuPrice
1Prawn in Garlic Sauce700
2Prawn Manchurian (Sizzler)750
3Kung Pao Prawn Sichuan Style750
4Prawn Chilli Dry800
5Prawn Cashew Nuts700
6Prawn Chilli Onion600
7Special Fish Manchurian (Sizzler)700
8Fish Mongolian Style Sichuan Style650
9Fish Chilli and Vegetables600
10Fish with Black Mushroom Sauce600
11Kong Pao Fish Sichuan Style630
12Green Chilli Fish Thai Style590
13Sweet n Sour Fish550
14Fish Chilli Lemon Sauce570
15Chicken in Garlic Sauce (Sizzler)450
16Special Hot Plate Chicken (Sizzler)550
17Chicken Cherry with Pineapple550
18Chicken Manchurian450
19Chicken Pineapple400
20Sichuan Chicken400
21Shrimp Fried Rice430
22Chicken Masala Rice430
23Chicken Mushroom Vegetable Rice400
24Chicken Sashlic with Egg Fried Rice550
25Beef Mushroom in Garlic Sauce450
26Beef in Oyster Sauce450
27Beef Mongolian450
28Sichuan Beef (Sliced Beef)400
29Special Beef Manchurian (Sizzler)560
30Kang Pao Sichuan Style560
31Prawn Chowmein400
32Chicken Chowmein350
33Fish Chowmein400
34Beef Chowmein390
35Prawn Chopsuey400
36Chicken Chopsuey350
37Beef Chopsuey390
38Fish Chopsuey500


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